Vor'drek Nisharra - Tiefling (half devil) Monk PRINT

Vor'drek Nisharra

Felor is my home, but Hell is where I truly belong!

Vor'drek Nisharra, the FiendbloodedEdit

Dedicated to the beloved Tiefling Monk Vor'drek Nisharra, the Fiendblooded.

Character Background:

As the twentieth year of my life went some might consider the sudden change of being to be a bad thing. I had been a Human Monk, but now I am a Half-Demon Tiefling. I consider this moment to be the point at which my life truly began.

Adventurer's LogEdit

A woman saved me today, the day my family died, the day I likely would have died, thank you Onna.

Recently, another change in my being occurred. This one was out of need and want more than necessity. I made a deal with my deity, Ma'alzun the Tormentor the demon that made me what I am to grant me the power to defeat an eleven headed hydra. In return he made me swear that I would kill one of my party members.

I made a decision to defy my deity's command and made another deal with the King of Devils, Risian, to give me the power to take down my former demon deity. In return for this I had to kill myself, The result of my self-sacrifice was being reborn into a Half-Devil Tiefling.

I am going to have to find out more about the kinds of powers and abilities I could gain with this blood drinking habit I have recently taken on.