Drax' Geth

Drax' Geth

Run, yes please do, I enjoy the pursuit, like hundreds of others before taking your bounty you think you will get away, soon you may ask them how that worked out!

Drax' Geth, the Bounty HunterEdit

Ha ha ha, really, you choose to hide here, there are three hundred and six ways for me to capture or kill you here... no it doesn't matter that this place is haunted, no place will protect those I hunt.

Adventurer's LogEdit

Day 1: He say's I'll never find him, I've heard this before. I predict three days from now he is in my manacles.

Day 2: I saw him last night, but he did not see me, he was in the valley below. It may be three days indeed, I love being right.

Day 3: Here we sit back in my camp, he asked how I found him, I said, does it matter? It never does.